Health Information System

Thematic areas

Health and life styles   |   Healthcare centres, services and establishments    |   Primary Care Information System. Healthcare centres   | Specialized Care Information System. Hospitals   |   Medicines and Healthcare Products   |  Funding and Healthcare Expenditure   | Opinion of the Citizens. Health Barometer

Synthesis and analysis-kind documents

National Health System Key Indicators: INCLASNS - DB Prioritized set of information which gathers the most relevant aspects of health and the Spanish healthcare system (released 24th January 2012).

Annual report of the National Health System (in Spanish)

Health Systems in EU countries: characteristics and health indicators, 2013 File pdf. Will open in a new window (in Spanish)

National Health System. Spain 2012

Health Indicators 2009: Trends in health status indicators in Spain and their magnitude in the context of the European Union

Links to international organizations

EUROSTAT - Public Health Statistics database: statistics on health and services of the European Union members

OECD - Health Data: statistics and indicators compilation on the main aspects of the healthcare systems of the OECD members

OMS - European Health for All database: health related statistics selection of the members of the European region. HFA-DB may be used online or downloaded